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Anibal Berraute-

One of the newer pianist with a prominent future and projection skills. His classical background has lead him to play a large variety of musical genres such as Pop and New Age among others, including the worldwide acclaimed Argentine Tango, one of his outstanding styles.

Pianist, Arranger and Producer with a large classical training, he began early as a sessionist playing with singers, conducting orchestras in TV shows and arranging and/or producing records in Argentina. There are various famous artists who have recorded his compositions too. Within Tango, Anibal Berraute has excelled as a Pianist and Musical Director in houses as "Michelangelo", "Tango Mío", "Castello Vechio", "La Ventana" and others traditional temples in Buenos Aires. He has worked with singers such as Raul Lavié, José Angel Trelles, Libertad Lamarque, Nestor Fabian, Guillermo Fernández, María Graña, Eladia Blázquez, Chico Novarro, Estela Rabal, Jairo, Mariano Mores (“master of whom I have learned the most”...), with whom he travelled around the world, and many others. He has shared stages with Ariel Ramírez, Osvaldo Copes, José Colángelo, Roberto Pansera, Victor Lavallen, Osvaldo Montes, Daniel Binelli, Nestor Marconi and other major musicians and artists. One of his most important goals in Argentina was a live recording as an homage to Astor Piazzolla, made with “Orquesta Estable del Teatro Colon” (Conductor Jose Carli). As an Arranger and Producer recently done two productions with argentinean artists in Mexico, the last album of legendary singer Fontan Luna before he passed away, and Hugo Jordan´s “Sabor a Tango”, with participation of "Orquesta Filarmonica de Mexico". He performed also with this formation, "Concertango", a Tango Concert for Piano & Symphonic Orchestra. Actually he is in the final process as Arranger and Producer of new album of Fernando Soler, done with some of the best Tango musicians in Buenos Aires such as Walter Rios, Nestor Marconi, Fernando Suarez Paz, Hector Console, Daniel Falasca, Ricardo Dominguez and others. According to his words: “...Tango is at the same time, a visceral, nostalgic, passionate and romantic music with which I identify myself plainly. I consider that it represents a hundred percent of argentinean feeling, wherefore I'm very honored to show it through all over the world..."

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